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October 2016

The ongoing practice of Guided Care in an urban setting and in a rural setting is described in a 2016 report by the Commonwealth Fund.


October 2011
Guided Care is profiled as the winner of the 2011 CMSA Case Management Research Award in CMSA Today, see pgs 14-17.

October 2011
Johns Hopkins Medicine's October 2011 edition of Change includes an article on how Guided Care Reforms Health Care Delivery for Chronic Disease. 

August 2011
Details about technicalassistance for adopting Guided Care is featured in "Putting Theory Into Practice: A Practical Guide to PCMH Transformation Resources" published by the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative.

June 2011
Guided Care received the Case Management Society of America's 2011 Case Management Research Award.

Spring 2011
The American Society of Aging'sGENERATIONS journal includes It Takes a Team: Affordable Care Act. Policy Makers Mine the Potential of the Guided Care Model by Bruce Leff, MD, and Tracy Novak, MHS.

June 2011
 The Lipitz Center hosted a group of 28 primary care physicians, nurses, insurers, lawmakers, and academic researchers from the Netherlands on a 2-day site visit in June to learn about Guided Care and how it works in practice. Click here for details.

April 2011 
Guided Care Model Holds Promise , according to Healthcare Finance News’  Stephanie Bouchard.

April 2011
Guided Care is featured in Managed Care Magazine article titled Poor Transitions of Care Can Be Corrected Now by Frank Diamond.

March 2011
Guided Care is featured in Managed Care Magazine US Family Health Plan Satisfies Members in Many Ways.

January 2011
Transforming Assertive Community Treatment into an Integrated Care System: the Role of Nursing and Primary Care Partnerships, published by the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, and featuring Guided Care.

March 2011
he Guided Care Program at Johns Hopkins HealthCare received Dorland Health's 2011 Silver Crown Award for Case/Care Management Program. For more information, read Dorland Health's announcement or JHHC's press release (look under 'More News and Announcements').

The Guided Care Program at Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States won the 2010 Case In Point Platinum Award for Case Management Provider Program. For more information, click here.

Guided Care was a finalist for the British Medical Journal's Getting Research into Practice Award. For more information, click here.

November 2010
JAMA article
 Comprehensive Primary Care for Older Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions "Nobody Rushes You Through," identifies Guided Care as one of three models with greatest potential to improve effectiveness and efficiency of complex primary health care.  

September 2010
Center for Technology and Aging profiles Guided Care in its Position Paper Technologies for Improving Post-Acute Care Transitions.

August 2010
Guided Care included inPredictive Modeling in Action: How 'Virtual Wards' Help High-Risk Patients Receive Hospital Care at Home, from the Commonwealth Fund.

Guided Care is listed as a promising care strategy to improve the quality of care for older Americans in a report by the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at Brookings titled Achieving Better Chronic Care at Lower Costs Across the Health Care Continuum for Older Americans.

September 2010
Guided Care is featured in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Research Activities.

July 2010
"Taking the Quality Journey to the Prize of Success" appeared in Professional Case Management.

June 2010
Guided Care is featured on AHRQ's Change Exchange

Spring 2010
Guided Care is featured in the APHA's Gerontological Health Section Newsletter.

Guided Care was added to PCPCC's Multi-Stakeholder Demonstration map

Guided Care won the Case In Point Platinum Award  for Case Management Provider Program. 

March 2010
Guided Care presentation is included in Alliance for Health Reform's Better Care - Lower Costs: Exploring the Promise of Patient Engagement" briefing.   Click here to watch the video.

January 2010
Guided Care is featured at  Brookings Institute conference "Health Care Reform and Older Americans: Achieving Better Chronic Care at Lower Costs." Click here to watch the video.

Guided Care won the 2009 Medical Economics Award for Innovation in Practice Improvement cosponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, and Medical Economics magazine. For more information, click here.

November 2009
Case Management Advisor November 2009 edition features an article on Guided Care.

Fall 2009
The American Public Health Association's Gerontological Health Section Newsletter Fall 2009 contained an article on Guided Care.

September 2009
Kaiser Family Foundation September White Paper titled Strategies for Reining in Medicare Spending Through Delivery System Reforms cites Guided Care.

Guided Care featured in The New England Journal of Perspective Follow the Money - Controlling Expenditures by Improving Care for Patients Needing Costly Services 

Healthcare Financial Management Association's Leadership E-News featured an article on Guided Care.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) awards additional funds to Johns Hopkins to evaluate continued savings of Guided Care. For details, see the press release

August 2009
Practice Management's featured an article on Guided Care, Teamwork Delivers Savings When Treating Chronic Conditions.

August 2009
Advance for Nurses E-News:  Guided Care Reduces Costs of Healthcare for Older Patients, Study Shows and a sidebar on becoming a Guided Care Nurse.

July 2009
American Medical News included an article on Guided Care.

The Case Management Society of America's Magazine Case in Point features Guided Care in an article titled "Health and Performance Improvement" .

March 2009
New York Times 'The New Old Age’ Care Coordination: Too Expensive for Medicare? featured Guided Care and Guided Care nurse Cecilia Daub.

The National Coalition on Care Coordination included Guided Care in a report: Models that Decrease Hospitalizations and Improve Outcomes for Medicare Beneficiaries with Chronic Illnesses by Randall Brown, PhD.

December 2008
Guided Care noted in the New York Times: see articles New Model of Care is Needed, Experts Say and 'Cookbook Medicine' Won't Do for Elderly.

October 2008
Guided Care won the American Public Health Association's Archstone Foundation Award for Excellence in Program Innovation, which recognizes a innovative care model for older Americans each year. 

Guided Care Plan Reduces Costs for Chronically Ill Seniors, Capitation Rates & Data.